Welcome to our first blog!

Hi everyone. Welcome to our very first blog! First, we’d like to share a little about ourselves.

I’m Maggie, the proud mother of 2 amazing children, a 10 year old gymnast daughter and an 11 year old son who loves soccer. I met Rod a couple years ago on a dating site and since then we have been inseparable.  But in order to have sufficient space for our blended family, which includes 5 children under 18 years of age, we decided to build a home together. I have never owed a home but fortunately Rod has owed homes in the past and brings that expertise. I’m going to share my perspective on building our Harding Savannah home with Toll Brothers and Rod will do the same.

Hello world! I’m the other half of this duo you just read about.  A little about myself.. I have a total of 3 kids and 1 “adult” child (lol).  I have a precious girl I do not want to grow up who is 14, stair step twin boys who are 11 and 10, and my 23 year old big dawg who is currently in the Army following in his pops footsteps.   As Maggie/Maria (just remember as the blog continues this is the same person) mentioned above, I’ve owned a few homes and actually had one built before, but this has been a very new experience and one I look forward to sharing with you as we go through the entire process of owning our 1st home together as a truly “blended” family.  So, I will be sharing information to you from my perspective also.

Again, we would both like to thank you for taking the time to visit our blog.  We encourage you to ask questions, questions and more questions.  We also encourage you to provide feedback on choices we made for our home, or even send some tips our way on things we could do in the future to enhance what we did or didn’t do.  We are learning together as we go along in this process, and we want those who may be thinking of building a home to have a place to go to where real people are going through the very thing you are.  Let’s take this long road together!

Yours truly,

Rod and Maggie

7 thoughts on “Welcome to our first blog!

  1. Hello! Awesome blog, as my hubby and I are embarking upon this journey. How do I follow you blog updates, useful info. Congratulations!🙏🏼


    1. Thanks Lisa. All you should have to do is click on the follow button at bottom that has a plus sign on it. Then put in your email and you will be alerted every time we put a new blog on. We are trying to do it every week, but if no new progress is made we will provide updates every other week.

      Please feel free to leave comments, questions, tips or any other thing on the blog or shoot us a private message. We are here to help and share our experiences. Congratulations to you as well!


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