Choosing a builder and community 

Rod: I wanted to choose a builder and community that had the following criteria (in no particular order):

1. Flexible with what lender I can use

2. Customizable interior and exterior

3. Be in an established or planned neighborhood that is kid/family friendly (fields, bike/walking trails, pool, etc)

4. A neighborhood that my AT&T cellphone could work 🙂

5. A neighborhood that was pleasing to my eyes

6. A neighborhood not TOO far away from D.C.

When we first started out, it seems I was more focused on one specific builder, NV Homes.  I loved the look of their homes, but the neighborhood we were looking at only had a few more lots available for the specific model we (I) wanted. The only issue I had was that NV Homes wasn’t very flexible with us having our own lender if we wanted their incentives, and the interior and exterior were standard with their standard upgrades. Everything else on my list had a check mark.

After looking in a new neighborhood where NV Homes was, we really just stumbled into builder across the street, Toll Brothers.  I instantly fell in love with their beautiful staircases, finishes, models, and basement designs.  After talking with the sales rep, not only was the home gorgeous, #1 and #2 on my list above could be realized. I could get their incentives and still choose my own lender, plus I could customize the house the way we wanted (at a price of course).  Only issue with me was that the neighborhood didn’t seem too kid friendly… so she sent us to a Toll Brothers specific neighborhood about 10 minutes away.  This neighborhood had fields for the kids, walking trails, horses, pools, workout facility and separated housing areas (estate homes, townhomes, mid level homes).

Soooooo, after riding around and talking with the sales staff for months in Marlboro Ridge, we decided this would be the place that we would call home for our family!

Marlboro Ridge Estates, here come the Richardsons!


We didn’t actually stumble upon the Toll Brothers home, it was my idea to check it out, lol. You’re welcome, Rod. I agree with Rod about everything else but I also preferred this community because although it’s a private community, it is not gated. I can never find my key to the gate and it’s annoying whenever I’m trying to get delivery….Also the lots in this community were bigger and with 5 GenZ kids it’s important that they can play outdoors, in the yard, park, soccer field, or pool. I was also fortunate to find high quality charter schools in and around Upper Marlboro.

The picture below should explain why I’m in love with Toll!

2 thoughts on “Choosing a builder and community 

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. I am certain we will all learn from it. Best luck and may God bless your family 🙏🏾

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