Design Center – Kitchen 


So many options!! But I loved it. We started by choosing the cabinets for our kitchen and changed our minds about 3 times before finally deciding to go with a white and gray kitchen like the one in the design center. Better safe than sorry, right?!?! It’s extremely difficult to design a home based off of small cabinet samples and even smaller slabs of granite. We agreed that our home would have a modern, yet farmhouse style so here is a pic of what we ended up selecting:

Sierra Vista cabinets in painted stone & white; Brown fantasy granite
I was not willingly to experiment very much in the kitchen but we did by changing the color of the grout and deciding to do a herringbone patttern above the stovetop like the picture below:

Beveled subway tile; Warm gray grout

Herringbone pattern above stovetop
Most of our ideas for our home came from visiting other Toll Brother houses both older homes and new construction, visiting the design center again and again for months (they recognize us now as soon as we walk in lol), taking pictures of the items in the design center that we liked and searching on google and/or Pinterest to see how it would look as a whole or in an entire room. We created shared Pinterest boards [Rod loves Pinterest now : ) ] and shared photo albums on our iPhones.

Maggie’s Recommendations:

  • Decide on the overall style for your home: traditional, modern, contemporary, transitional, etc
  • Use sites such as Pinterest, Houzz to get ideas and to look up the options you have selected at the design center
  • And lastly visit the design center as much as possible


Well as you can see from above, Maggie chose a lot of the kitchen. Lol. Just kidding…it was fun and I think we came out of it with a beautiful plan. What I wanted was a Chef’s kitchen with multiple ovens and ample space for our large family. I think we accomplished that with the Palladian and chef’s kitchen options.

Chef’s Kitchen (where Rod will be cooking, hehe, -Maggie)

Palladian Kitchen (4 foot bump out)


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