Structural Options

Rod: when it comes to customizing your home with Toll Brothers, there isn’t a shortage of available options.  You can choose to bump out the sides of your house for in-law suites, more bedrooms upstairs, wet bars, customized basements, sunrooms, etc.  Of course, all this comes at a cost.  You will be humbled quickly when trying to stick to a specific budget.  I advise that if you are building with Toll, go to the design center a few times soon to get a sense of how much upgrades are before signing the contract on your structural options.  I have a huge spreadsheet I created to keep up with every cost possible.  Maggie wasn’t interested in it before, but now she’s always trying to see my spreadsheet to see where we are on our budget. Lol

Soooo, what did we decide to do?


We decided to add a Palladian kitchen which is a 4 foot bump out in the kitchen rather than having an attached solarium. We also decided to add the 4 foot bump out/expansion in the family room on the first floor since this is likely where we’ll be spending most of our time. On the second level we decided to get the additional walk in closet in the master suite for yours truly!

Walk in closet for Maggie lol
We completely customized the basement. We added a wet bar as well as a theater room with a platform. We also finished off additional areas in the basement so we could have a “kids’ room”, gym, and a guest room.

Additional structural details we added were the coffered ceiling in the family room, 2-story stone fireplace in family room, as well as the tray ceiling in the dining room and in the master suite.

Coffered ceiling in 2-story family room

2-Story Stone Fireplace, we chose a different color which has more of a gray tone
As we toured different homes being built in our community, we noticed that some houses had far more structural components added on that would add SPACE, such as an in-law suite on the 1st level or conservatory, but we decided that adding DETAIL was equally as important, hence the ceilings, stone, and lots of upgrades we made in the design center.

Rod: $$$$$$$ 🙂

One thought on “Structural Options

  1. I am interested in building with Toll Brothers. Can you share with me more details about their pricing for structural upgrades.


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