Whole House Audio/Video

Rod:  I was on my own on this one. lol.  One of the things I wanted when we first started, was a dedicated theater room and whole house audio.  There is a system integrator that Toll Brothers works with, Control4, that can do this very thing.  This system basically connects all of your audio/video in any room you want and ties it altogether.  Can  you imagine ONLY having 1 remote to control EVERYTHING?  I know plenty of people who could benefit from that simplicity alone.

You may be asking, how much does this cost?  Well… it varies. I’ll tell you what we ended up doing.. We ended up doing the following:

-putting surround sound speakers in 6 different rooms throughout the house and 1 zone outside on the deck area

-getting a customized media room package to include speakers, subwoofer, 115″ projector screen, projector, blue ray player, receiver

-ability to control about 13 different zones of lighting from a control4 device or my ipad/iphone

-ability to control over 9 televisions with one remote or any of the 5 different touch screens we included

-ability to control thermostat, garage doors, front door lock, to see who is at front door without being at front door

-ability to create scenes to make multiple things happen at the same time (i.e. when a button is pressed, kitchen lights go to 50%, tv comes on to predetermined channel, and temp goes to 72 degrees)

-future expansion to control automated blinds/drapes, sprinkler system, etc.

The cost for this convenience?  lets just say it was above $30K but below $50k.  It is an investment so if you are looking for home automation, take your time and get it done right the first time. It will cause you headache later on if you do not.  The beauty of this is that some of this cost will be absorbed into our mortgage, so the cash outlay isn’t as significant as it would be if we waited to do everything AFTER closing.

Maggie: What he said. LOL.

We recently visited AudioBuys in Virginia to get a feel of what our theater room will sound like & I am impressed!

Frank, the AudioBuys/Control4 guy met with us a few times and he & Rod seem to have this part under control so my input simply included where the tv’s will go. Well actually, I was also the brains behind Rod’s “football area”, where he will have 3 televisions in order to watch the Patriots on the larger screen in the center, the Cowboys on one of the smaller screens on the right, and the Panthers on the left side simultaneously. You’re welcome!!

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