Design Center – Master Bath 

Maggie: We decided to keep the gray & white theme in the master bath as well. We chose the Duomo Bianchi tiles because we loved the clean look in the model home.

Duomo Bianchi Bath Tile


We decided on painted stone (gray) cabinets in the master bath which is the same color but a slightly different style from the cabinets on our kitchen island. We picked a level 5 granite, White Fantasy, well actually Rod picked it out.. he has expensive taste!

White Fantasy Granite as seen in the Design Center Kitchen 

We made a couple customizations:

1. A stone/pebble listello vertically along the shower heads on both sides

2. A 14×16 niche with the same listello

Cultura Autumn Mosaic

I’m still anxious about how all our choices will look once it is all put together but Rod is pretty confident so we shall see. It’s too late to change anything because we have decided NOT to return to the Design Center anymore after months of visiting & finally signing off on everything!
Rod: yep.. what she said. YOLO! Get what you want. 😉

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