Maggie: These were the standards in regards to flooring: 

  •  Level 1 hardwood for the foyer & kitchen 
  •  Standard tile in the mudroom, laundry room, and powder room
  • Standard aka Level 0 carpet on the remainder of the 1st level (dining & living rooms, family room, hallway)
  • Standard carpet runner or stained wood on the front stairs & standard carpeting on the back stairs 
  • Standard carpet on stairs leading to basement and in the entire basement except for just behind the bar. Behind the bar is standard tile, same as mudroom & laundry room on 1st level
  • Standard carpet for 2nd floor hallway and bedrooms 
  • 12×12 standard tile in secondary bathrooms in either white or almond (beige) 
  • I don’t remember the standard flooring for the master bath but whatever it was we didn’t even consider it 

What we did…..

We decided to do Marble Falls – White Water 18×18 tile in a diagonal pattern in our foyer, 1st floor hallway and powder room (level 3).

We decided on a level 2 engineered hardwood for the kitchen, family room, dining & living rooms, as well as the 2nd floor hallway. 

Engineered Hardwood – Rural Living Deep Java

We opted for upgraded runners on both the front and back stairs. 
Triton Misty Dawn – Runner for Back Stairs
Belmar Beach Ivory Coast – Runner for Oak Curved Front Stairs

We kept the standard carpeting in the basement but we extended the tile from the bar to the back door. But as recommended by many, we upgraded the padding. 

Image of Runner for Front Stairs, 2 of the Standard Carpets, and the Standard Tile for Mudroom, Laundry Room & Bar

On the 2nd floor, we also kept the standards, standard carpet in all the bedrooms and the standard 12×12 tile in the secondary baths. 

And of course, we upgraded the tile in the master bathroom. We actually copied the model home and chose the duomo bianchi tile as seen in previous blog about Master Bath. 

Rod: As you can see by Maggie’s rundown, Toll Brothers didn’t have many nice looking “standard” flooring options.  One of their promotions before had hardwood floors on the entire lower level….they must have been losing money because we sure missed that one. I was also miffed at why tile was not standard for flooring at the patio door in the basement.  Who wants carpet there? One other small issue we had when choosing flooring was the “custom” costs of flooring in areas they could up the price if they so chose….I made sure to challenge them throughout the whole process and actually got some costs reviewed and lowered. 

So if I could give you any advice….it would be to do your homework early and always check and recheck the builders custom cost compared to other standards around the house.  Don’t be afraid to question them about anything! 

3 thoughts on “Floors 

  1. My husband and I have been following your blog for quite sometime and it has been extremely helpful for us during this process. We are building in Oak Creek and plan to break ground in January. Congratulations on the progress thus far!

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