A Move to Contemporary, Possibly 😬

So yesterday, June 24th, was the grand opening at Marlboro Ridge for the Duke model in the Hunt Collection. After visiting this model, we realized that Toll Brothers, which typically has a transitional style, has started making a shift to a more contemporary style. And we love it! The door handles we currently have in our contract are contemporary but not so much the doors and trim we got so we are now hoping that we can change our door & trim package to the contemporary package. Cross your fingers or say a prayer for us because once the materials have been ordered there’s no going back. Rod also has been bugging me about changing the cabinet handles/knobs in the kitchen after we visited the model at Weatherstone and I’ve been avoiding the discussion because it took me hours, I mean days, to decide on our hardware in the first place…..but I think that he’s about to get his way once again…..

What do you all think about these cabinets and the hardware??

Rod: all I have to say is the look of a transitional vs contemporary look in the same model is like night and day! Need some feedback so tell us what you think… and yes it took Maggie days to perfect her knobs and handles around the house. Lol. We have our pre-construction meeting Tuesday so decision will be made very soon 🙏🏽👌🏽

Master Bath. What do you all think about this look for the master bath & kitchen?
New door handles that we have in our contract
Same cabinets and hardware in the kitchen

6 thoughts on “A Move to Contemporary, Possibly 😬

  1. I say go for the change if you can . If they won’t allow it, then it was meant for you to have the traditional. Don’t eliminate the opportunity by not asking at least, if it will make that much difference in the look. Both are exquisite though!

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  2. I really like this option!! Can’t wait to see it in person😉 please keep us updated on the pre construction meeting.. I’m sure it will go smoothly.


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