Final Design Changes!

Maggie: I am sooooo excited to announce that we were able to make our contemporary design changes! We changed the doors throughout the house, the cabinets in the kitchen & master bath as well as the cabinet hardware, and the color of our hardwood floors (new color will be Misty Gray). We were also able to get our customized kitchen island and butler’s pantry for the dining room. And just when we were deciding to make all these changes, Toll Brothers, started offering a new paint color, City Loft by Sherwin Williams, which is a light gray similar to what we were going to paint after settlement (saved some 💰).

So we still want a white & gray kitchen but decided on shaker panel cabinets instead, Level 2 Sonoma cabinets in the kitchen & Level 3 New Haven in the master bath. We changed the cabinet hardware to bronze, exactly as seen at the model at Weatherstone, and changed the faucets & lighting on the entire 1st level and master bath to bronze to match. We asked to get the mullions/grids removed from glass panels in the kitchen cabinets to achieve the same sleek look of the single panel glass doors. Since we will be getting the contemporary trim package, we removed the heritage trim from our home & decided to remove the runner from the front stairs. Rod is researching a contemporary look we can use in place of the heritage trim but we will do this at a later date after closing.

Shaker styled doors

Shaker styled cabinets and bronze hardware as seen in Weatherstone model; Misty Gray Hardwood Floors

Sonoma, painted linen (white) for outer kitchen cabinets & painted stone (gray) for the island cabinets

Our new pantry & study doors!

New Butler’s Pantry style
Rod: There were a few things I wanted in the home that took a while for Toll Brothers to agree with.

#1: a bigger island in my kitchen. I wanted to put the Hampton model island, which is about 3 ft longer x 2 ft wider. Finally got it approved.

Hampton Model island

#2: a beautiful patio with a grill station. We had one designed with fire pit and seating wall, but we didn’t want to spend over $8k more for a built-in grill station. We simplified the design (inspiration from a model home) and got our grill station with TWO Big Green Egg cutouts (no BGE included lol) for around the same price as our last design with no grill station. Again, because of the high cost for the decks, we will do that after closing at some point.  Maggie thought I was crazy for sending Toll Landscape my design. Lol

Grill station designed by Rod 🙂

New patio design w/fire pit, walkway, and grill station

4 thoughts on “Final Design Changes!

  1. I just found your blog today and have enjoyed reading it and catching up on where you guys are in the process. I wanted to know what the process was like for asking and ultimately getting the changes approved. I am buying a home that is to be ready in August. Singed the contract in January and finalized the selection in January as well. It is with a different builder, Stanley Martin. Their policy is no changes once you leave the design center (and we only got to go there once, the day of the selections for a total of 4 hours, can we say very stressful and a lot of pressure!) and even if they do decide to let you make a change the fee is $350 per change. So, naturally, we are having a lot of second thoughts about our selections. We have not had our pre-construction meeting (it has not even been scheduled yet) so obviously they haven’t broke ground, like it is not even dirt yet. The model home is opening this weekend and we have already seen some of the design elements in the home that we would like to incorporate into ours. But I am super worried about asking and what they will say and “rocking the boat” so to speak in general with the builders. I know this is my home and my money, but I don’t want to be difficult. I can only guess that there will be other homeowner’s they will want some changes too after seeing the completed model home. Do you know if other home buyers went in and made changes after the model home was open? I wish they would hold a place for changes in the contract for after the model home is completed for those of us who got in early, you know like a nice gift for signing the contract sight unseen! Or at the very least let people coming to the design center know what the selections will be in the model home as a jumping off point. I guess I would just feel better knowing the process and how if went for you. Any thoughts you are willing share would be greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to see how your beautiful home turns out (we have made a few of the same choices, so I would love to see them in a completed home!)

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    1. Good morning to you. Glad you’ve found our little piece of the internet 😁. Congratulations on the new adventure of building your home. If you’ve read many of our blogs, the one thing I stress is to speak up. It’s your home that you have to live in and if they haven’t even ordered your doors and other design elements in the house, they should not be charging extra. Toll was great working with us about that. They did have change fees but they didn’t charge it to us. The sooner you let them know, the better. Toll was in transition when we changed ours so they didn’t even have pricing when we requested the contemporary change. It’s really all in how the construction and sales team handles it. The pre construction meeting is where they really finalize things to order. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

      Future homeowners do change their mind and if it’s not something already installed or ordered we shouldn’t be charged for it.

      Rod and Maggie


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