And then there was dirt!

Hello everyone! We have been offline for a while so we want to give you an update on all that’s happened up to this point and how we will proceed in future posts.

After we completed all of our changes in design and landscaping, Toll Brothers decided to do a pre-appraisal to see if the house would appraise to our sales price. 2-3 weeks passed and the appraisal came back about $16,000 short of our sales price.. so what did we do?? 

We were first told we would have to take out non structural upgrades that wouldn’t impact the appraised value.. not an option for us because this was our dream home. So eventually, both us and Toll Brothers compromised and split the difference. We were given an extra $8,000 in incentives and we actually took out over $9,000 in extras that we didn’t necessarily need. I give our sales rep, Julie, and our construction manager, Nick, kudos for working with us on this issue. 

As a side note; if you are a novice in new construction home buying, this is where a realtor will help you immensely. 

Once we were under the appraised value, we were told they would finally dig the foundation!! We were very happy to finally “see” some progress on something we have been involved with for over a year now. 

Excavator at work on our corner lot

From this point forward, we will send weekly or bi-weekly updates on progress as we receive them from our weekly Toll Brothers call from the construction manager. As of right now, our estimated month of completion will be in February (I’m thinking it will he March at the earliest).

    Look forward to sharing this experience with those building or even those who just want to see how this turns out!! 
    Rod and Maggie

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