Weekly Update – The Foundation 

Good evening everyone. For the last 2 weeks, Toll Brothers has been laying down our foundation. We were excited to share with you the lot excavation in the last blog.  Now we will share our progress as the house starts to take some kind of shape (at least the basement)….

The process of building a house, from the buyer’s perspective, is sloooooooooooooow.  However, we are really okay with the timeline because we want things done correctly the first time around vs having them rush something and it get overlooked.  While on that topic, one of the biggest decisions we had to make was actually finding an independent home inspector to give us the added security of knowing that any issues that could possibly come up would be remedied early in the process vs later when we moved in and had a foundation, drywall or electrical problem.  Out of the 4 different inspection companies we interviewed, Jacques Sirvain from Potomac Homes Ltd, http://www.potomac-homes.net was the most knowledgeable, even providing a list of references (names and phone numbers) that had foundation, pre dry-wall and final inspection services through his company. If you are buying new construction, a quality independent inspector is worth their weight in gold.

After excavating the lot, the next step was to frame and pour the footings. The purpose of footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling (or limit it….think less cracks and nail pops in your walls in a year). This was an inspection point for Toll Brothers engineers, city inspector, and an independent inspection team.

After about a week, the next thing that went up were the forms for the basement walls.  This is where we could start seeing physically where rooms would be and how much room we would have in the back and side yard.  Again, this was an inspection point that involved Toll Brothers, the city, and the independent engineer.  The next exciting part was pouring the foundation and removal of the forms so we can see the basement walls!!

Before that happened though, we got a chance to meet up with a lot of our neighbors.  We found ourselves in the neighborhood one day, and our future neighbors in the Estates had a block party for everyone to just get together, eat, drink and meet.  Everyone was very inviting and many opened up their homes for us to look around if we wanted.  I let them know we weren’t stalking the them as we are usually out in the neighborhood walking in the evenings, looking at our lot, or visiting other homes that are in the later stages of building.  They assured us that they were doing the same things! lol.. I can say that both Maggie and I look forward to really being in a neighborhood with great neighbors and the possibilities of building great lifelong friendships.

No more than a few days later (yesterday lol), the cement was poured for the foundation.  We are very excited about the transformation from dirt to our dream home.

Over the next few weeks, underground plumbing, waterproofing, pouring cement flooring for garage and basement floor, and backfilling all of the large gaps you see outside of the foundation will occur.  Then its on to framing!!

 Again, if you have any questions at all about the process or would like to leave some tidbits for us as we continue down this journey, please feel free to do so.  Our goal is to educate, enlighten, get tips and just share our experience with Toll Brothers.

And if you contact our inspector, Jacques Sirvain from Potomac Homes Ltd, http://www.potomac-homes.net, let him know that the Richardsons sent you!


Rod & Maggie



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