Bi-weekly update – Backfill

Maggie: So the past 2 weeks have felt quite slow to us. The underground plumbing was completed over a week ago and the basement concrete should have been poured by now but it wasn’t since there was a discrepancy with our address. The waterproofing has been done. And we were glad to see that most of the backfilling has been completed as of today except for the wall closest to the main street. We were told that this wall will be lined with cinder block prior to backfilling. The framing for our home has also started to arrive. Framing will start within 1-2 weeks depending on the weather and we were told by our construction manager that it takes approximately 3.5-4 weeks for framing to be completed. We can’t wait to be able to walk in our home once the walls are up!! 

Not certain if we previously mentioned this, but we receive weekly calls from our construction manager to discuss what will be taking place in the upcoming week and to discuss any concerns. We were “strongly encouraged” by others who have built a new construction to make sure that everything we agreed to is written out clearly on our contract and to ensure that it includes pictures, if needed. Last week, Rod noticed that the drawing for our basement did not include the double doors for the gym but we had emails regarding this back when we signed the initial contract, so it was rectified. We are also making sure that Timberlake (the cabinetry company) submits the drawing for our Butler’s pantry that we still haven’t seen.

Rod: Sounded like she knew what she was talking about up there in her part of the blog.. 😳. Not much more for me to say, but if you are building please, please, please ensure you have every agreement with the sales person, construction manager, or any other rep of the builder in writing.  If you verbally agree to something, make sure you send an email confirmation and have them acknowledge it.  Trust me, things will be forgotten and your only recourse is the written agreements.  It’s not a knock on the builder. It’s just the fact that they see so many future homeowners going thru the same process you’re going thru and things may be forgotten.  

Looking fwd to our next blog and hopefully some pics of the framing!  But for now we will show you some pics of the progress thus far with most of the backfill completed.

Rear view of house
A view from the garage (plumbing rough in)
Side view of with 3 car garage back filled
Rear of house with basement bedroom window at ground level

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