Ready For Framing…Almost

Good afternoon everyone! After about 2 weeks of off and on rain and other issues with underground plumbing inspection delay, we have seen some progress.  

We had our weekly call with Toll Brothers to discuss the next steps in the building process and any other questions/issues we may have.  This week we were told to expect the prep for cement pour in our basement and garage, while framing would start next Monday and last for about 4 weeks. The goal for them is to complete framing around Thanksgiving time. Wife not so sure about their timeline 😂😂.  We also discussed some custom issues that weren’t communicated to everyone properly, so we got those things in writing. I cannot stress enough to get things in writing!!! We kept very good notes. There are a lot of moving parts and different departments that deal with your paperwork, but it’s really up to you to make sure everyone has the same interpretation of what you want. The only way is to have it in plain English so it reads the same to everyone 😬

After the plumbing inspection, the builder had the basement ground and garage prepped for the cement pour by adding gravel, rebar, and a plastic barrier.

Rebar with plastic barrier before the cement pour
Cement prep for the 3 car garage

This took all of a day and a half. The very next day, today, the workers poured the cement for the basement and the garage.  They also added the beams and support columns in the house.  

Cement pour look into the basement

Things are moving along and we are getting more and more excited as this journey continues. We will soon be able to actually see a 🏡! 

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