We can See a HOUSE!

Hi everyone!  Want to give you a quick update on what has gone on over the past week.  Shortly after pouring the concrete slabs, the framing crew went to work.   They definitely took advantage of the gorgeous weather while moving at a pace that we weren’t anticipating.  
As of the writing of this blog, they already have a paper roof on our HOUSE!  
At our Tuesday call with the construction manager, we discussed the framing done so far and what the next few weeks would bring. After the stairs come next week, we will move into HVAC installation (about 1 week of work), plumbing, then electrical. 

Their goal is to have this completed by Thanksgiving time so drywall can start.  I must say that based on what we’ve seen so far, I don’t doubt the timeline. Any bad weather that comes should not affect the timing now that the house has a roof on it.  

We’re excited.. below are a few pics of the progress.  See you in a week or two with more updates!

Rod and Maggie

Day 1 framing
The crew was moving along with a purpose
Just a week later.. roof started
A look at the side of the house: 3 car garage
Where we are now!! 😃

3 thoughts on “We can See a HOUSE!

  1. I truly appreciate your blog it has been extremely helpful. My wife and I are in the beginning stages with our first appointment at the design studio next week. Congratulations on your home and we look forward to seeing the finished results.

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    1. Thank you very much. Im so glad this blog helped. They have streamlined a lot in the design studio, which is a wonderful thing. Congrats to you as well. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions.


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