It’s Getting Cold….

Good afternoon everyone!!  As of today most of our framing is complete, the roof is on, and the windows are installed. Apparently, the framers build a standard version of the model home chosen, then they go in and make customizations. So, we are waiting on a couple of customizations including the gym in the basement & the Butler’s Pantry in the dining room. We are also waiting on the installation of our front door, but our basement & patio doors are all in. 

The HVAC contractor was in this past week and put in the HVAC lines throughout the house. We did encounter one issue: there’s no vent in the gym, but we believe this is because the framers did not complete the gym framing so it appears as though that area is just an extension of the non heated area in the basement.  We’ve already contacted our construction manager about the issue.  He has been good about these things so far.

During our last weekly call, we were told that plumbing would start the same day as HVAC finishes up and go into mid next week. Electrical will start as the plumbing rough-in work is completed and last for 3-4 days.  

We scheduled our Pre-drywall walk through with the builder for Tuesday, November 21st. We have arranged for our independent inspector to do his walk through on the 21st as well after we have met with the builder. Our independent inspector wanted to do his inspection prior to insulation so he could see all electrical connections and other connections that could be covered.  Every inspector differs when it comes to when they want to do their inspection, so make sure you consult with yours if you decide to hire one.  We are very excited to be moving towards drywall installation so we can visualize the sizes of all of our rooms.

This week we have a couple meetings. One with Frank from AudioBuys to confirm our Control4 selections and the locations of our televisions, touch screens, and outlets, and then with the on-site manager to determine where we would like blocking for our televisions & other areas agreed upon when we signed the contract.  

We are seeing changes every week, and are growing more and more excited to move out of this cramped up place we are in now to our dream home 🙂  Until the next time!

Rod and Maggie

Bar area with a view into the home theater
Palladian Kitchen Window
Patio doors (without mullions)
Windows are in, just missing front door 🙏🏽

7 thoughts on “It’s Getting Cold….

  1. Hi Maggie and Rod,
    We are so happy for you. Thank you for your blog. We just had our pre-construction meeting and are scheduled to break ground this week. We are one of the couples you met at the Oak Creek Model Home. We are so excited for you!
    Vincent and Lisa Harrison

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    1. That is awesome. Congrats! Glad you came by to see the blog. I pray it will help as you continue on your journey. Definitely let us know if you need anything from advice to just a simple question.


  2. Good evening Toll Family,

    My fiancée and myself, just wrote our contract to build in Oak Creek. We went for the Langley II with the Palladium Kitchen, Expanded Family, Greenhouse, Bedroom Suites and 1st Floor Guest below the Bedroom Suites. So glad to see you all blog, we finished our design center selections at the Columbia design center a few days ago, can you say sheesh $$. =)

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    1. Congratulations!!! are you sure you’re done in the design center?? lol. i know the feeling. we were in there often. lots of gas money spent. Its a great feeling to be finished. We will have to get together sometime once our house is complete in Feb/March. Feel free to ask any and all questions you may need answered while you are going thru the process. Always remember to get EVERYTHING in writing. It’ll definitely help you when things that haven’t been visited in a while come up in the building process.


      1. Lol, brother, I didn’t want to go back for the second/final appointment. We made the mistake of visiting the Dominion Valley Hollister model home. Can you say WOW, Carline was great as well and really enjoyed working with her. Meanwhile, we are slated for June/July delivery. PG county took forever to approve the zoning plans. We started a book to keep up with everything (AKA EMAILS). Additionally, I ran into an amazing contractor who works for NV homes in the area. He priced out a lot of options at much fewer prices than the builder. If you would like this information, please let me know as I will forward to you. Lastly, I would like to get up with you all as well. Will you be attending the Holiday Brunch at the model over the weekend?


      2. Yea getting permits in PG takes a while. Great on keeping up with everything. It will pay off when you least expect it to. Don’t think I’ll be attending; we have a lot going on this weekend. We will catch up soon. Another blog on its way probably tomorrow. Chat soon and stay blessed.


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