Light It Up!!!

Hi everyone!! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. So here’s an update, HVAC and plumbing are done!!! But we did not have our pre-drywall meeting yet….although things have been moving at a rapid speed, there was a delay with the electricians. We are hoping the electricians and AudioBuys complete their work this upcoming week, fingers crossed. We have had to postpone our independent inspector twice and may have to do so again, but that seems to be the nature of new construction.

Today we visited our home and started inspecting the placement of the lights for ourselves. And now that the HVAC & framing are done, we noticed other issues that weren’t as apparent as before.

1. The placement of the HVAC in the basement changed the ceiling height in part of the basement shower, so we decided against doing the tile to ceiling in the basement bathroom, which will save us a couple hundred dollars.

2. We noticed that our theater room has a standard door rather than a double door; that’s a no-go for us. How will Rod’s extra large furniture that he’s been searching for online for months fit through a regular door? BTW he won a bet to furnish the theater sooner rather than later 🤨

3. We love the 5′ double doors for Rod’s gym (yes, Rod’s gym, lol) but we are concerned about whether the doors will be able to open fully without hitting an adjacent wall.  May need to go back to 4′ double doors (practicality vs. aesthetics).

4. Princess suite bathroom needs tub light since we are doing tile & curtain to ceiling. This is where the model homes are misleading, as they have tons of lights which are not standard. The only lights you get in secondary bathrooms are the lights above mirrors. This came as a surprise to Maggie. (but Rod is taking the lead to get this fixed) <– Rod inserted that last sentence 😅

5. In line with #4, we came to realize today that there are NO recessed lights in the sitting area of kitchen despite there being plenty of recessed lights in the model. But after some research, we are content with this, since we updated our chandelier in this area and will have plenty of light from the 3 paneled glass patio door.

6. We disliked the placement of the recessed lights and ceiling fan in the coffered ceiling of family room and Rod has made this diagram to illustrate exactly what we want.. Rod: I was always taught to make things simple.. if they don’t understand this, then we may have problems, lol.

Family Room coffered ceiling with recess lighting and ceiling fan mount (How it is)
Diagram Rod created to show them how we want it

Other than the things above, we have ZERO complaints or issues. Those aren’t even complaints.. just wanted to show that not everything will be perfect, but when it’s not, get on it as soon as possible so the builder can fix the issue.  Again, if you guys have any comments, questions, or advice, please leave a comment below.  Hopefully, by our next blog, we will have some more significant progress!!…until the next time.

Rod and Maggie

P.S. Our curved oak stairs & front door are in!! 🙏🏽

A picture from the front door/foyer area

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