Let There Be Walls

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay…It’s been a busy few weeks. Since our last blog, the electricians and AudioBuys have completed their work & insulation has been completed.  Our drywall is in place for the most part too, woot woot!! We also had our pre-drywall meeting on November 28th where we discussed all of our concerns with our construction manager & since then just about all the issues we mentioned in our previous blog have been rectified. Our theater room now has a double door, Rod changed his gym doors to 4′ double doors instead of 5′, the princess suite bathroom has a tub light, we added 2 recessed lights in the sitting area of our kitchen, and most importantly, we discovered why the placement of the lights in our coffered ceiling was off. So the framers put in the STANDARD sized family room coffered ceiling rather than the coffered ceiling for the EXPANDED family room, which has 5 rows rather than the 4 rows they initially put in. Our coffered ceiling has been fixed to the expanded version, the lights have been fixed all except for 1 which does not appear in line with the others, probably because the sprinkler is in its way.  Toll Brothers has been very good correcting issues along the way. If there is an issue you see, don’t be afraid to politely bring it to their attention.

Family room coffered ceiling with changes

We also changed the placement of the lights in our basement, which was a hot mess if you ask Maggie. The changes were discussed during our pre-drywall meeting and completed a few days later.

The independent inspector came on November 29th and his most important finding was 4 bowed trusses in the roof. After receiving the report, our construction manager fixed the issue by adding support beams for those areas and had an engineer sign off on it. (The very thing the inspector told me that they would should do if they took pride in their build quality). Having an independent inspector, in my opinion, is worth the cost. Gives you peace of mind.

And finally, the masons have started the brick. 😁

What’s to come?

Our trim will be delivered on December 19th so our trim & doors should be installed between the 20th through 22nd. Right in time for Christmas 🙏🏼

Our cabinets should also be arriving  right before New Years.  It will be the first time seeing how our (Rod’s) large kitchen island looks in our model.  😲

Soon after, we will schedule an appointment to pick out our granite!  The home is coming along and it seems maybe end of February may be a realistic closing date. Keep your fingers crossed.

We pray everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Until the next time.

Rod & Maggie

A look into the family room from top floor

Brick going up on the side

Open area of basement

Kitchen area

A sneak peak into the dining room w/ tray ceiling

6 thoughts on “Let There Be Walls

  1. Hello, I feel like I’m stalking your blog. Lol. I have a question, once you had your pre-construction meeting, how soon after did construction start? We have our meeting today and were just curious.


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    1. Hi Barbara! We had our pre-construction meeting on 6/27/17 and they broke ground on 9/1/2017 but there was a delay for us since they had to do a pre-appraisal prior to breaking ground, this was due to the amount of upgrades we added and our loan type. We have a timeline on our page accessible through the home page. Thanks for following our blog!! We appreciate all the questions so keep them coming. Congrats!! ~ Maggie


    1. I’m glad it is helping. There were quite a few couples that helped us out with things to look for and inquire about when we started as well. We want to help where we can and pay it forward. Rod


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