Christmas Update!

Happy Holidays Everyone!! Our brick is up and it’s getting closer to our closing date! Looks like the brick masons just need to complete the steps which will likely take less than a day. So the brick for our home took about 1.5 weeks since we have brick sides. We went with the Chesapeake brick and used the same color brick for our accent pieces. Our garage doors are also up but they’re the wrong color and will have to be switched out. The box beams in the coffered ceiling are up as well & it looks beautiful. Most of our doors and trim have been installed. We were so excited to see our contemporary trim!

A look at the house from across the street
Unpainted double doors to the master suite
A view from below the family room coffered ceiling

On the financing side, we met with a few mortgage lenders and there is one that was head and shoulders above the others. We have locked our rate at 75 days at 3.5% with some lender credit. If you need more info, please send us an email or leave us a note.

During our regular weekly meeting with Toll Brothers, they let us know what to look forward to in next few weeks:

Our stone fireplace will be installed after the 1st of the year.

Our cabinets will be delivered and installed on January 4th.

Washington Gas & Pepco should be in sometime in the next 1.5 weeks to connect underground, then its on to concrete/driveway, sidewalk, and landscaping.

We’ve also kept up with our issues that haven’t been resolved at this time….some of them are below:

  • One of our pendant lights at the wet-bar was covered by drywall. Makes us wonder if any additional outlets were covered that we are unaware of.  When electrical comes and completes their final walk through we will ensure nothing else is hidden. We also need to move one of the wet-bar pendant lights since it is in a bad location.
  • We may also need to move the light in our kitchen over a bit to make sure it sits centered over a 60″ table
  • The light leading down to basement is not centered, not sure if it was moved or if it just appeared centered prior to drywall.
  • Cement by wetbar needs to be fixed. They had to drill a hole in the cement near the wet-bar to move a plumbing pipe & haven’t fixed it yet.
  • The ceiling speaker in master bedroom needs to be moved over, it is now too close to the trim.
  • We are waiting on a glass door without mullions for our study, they accidentally ordered glass door with mullions.
  • We will need an electrical line for our outdoor living area.
  • And there’s still that one light and sprinkler in coffered ceiling that need to be fixed.
  • And the crooked floor outlet in the family room (Lol. That’s all Maggie)

Overall, things are moving along at a good pace. Next up, our granite appointment on December 26th!

Fireplace prepared for stone installation in a week
Workers smoothing out the drywall
Master suite with columns separating sitting area
Speaker placemment in master suite too close to trim
Recessed light going to basement off center

Some woman I caught in the basement bar

5 thoughts on “Christmas Update!

  1. Hello Team,

    Looking good, in reference to mortgage info please provide. Additionally, if you could provide info on your inspector as well. That would be greatly appreciated as well. HAPPY NEWYEAR!!

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  2. GM, Your mortgage guy, is GREAT!. He beat our Navy Federal good faith estimate. Thank you for that referral. I wanted to share a good contractor with you all. My best friend just closed on Harding resale in your community, and they used the contractor I ran into while community surfing. The contractor did the painting, crown molding, and wallpaper in there home. In addition to putting a built-ins in the study and a custom wet bar in the basement. Quality of work 100% and pricing, I couldn’t believe. Listed below would be his contact information.
    JB Pro Contracting
    Jairo Barrera <

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