From Cabinets to Tiling 

Hi everyone and Happy New Years!!

We had our granite appointment in Sterling, VA right after Christmas to pick out our counter tops. Here are some pics….

Granite slab for outdoor kitchen
Granite slab for the kitchen counters
Granite slab for the master bathroom

We went with upgraded granite in our kitchen and master bath & were told that we are the first to get these in the Estates #trendsetters lol. We also got the Brown Fantasy granite for our outdoor living area but with a rough finish, it is  identical to our kitchen granite.

Our cabinets are in now too!!  We love how the cabinets look!!  Going from only seeing a small sample at the design studio to this was a huge relief to know we envisioned what we wanted correctly 😂😂. Would have been bad if it didn’t turn out the way we wanted.

Butlers pantry in the dining room
A look into part of the kitchen
A closer look at the kitchen island in stone gray

Our house was painted…..with the wrong color….but our construction and project managers are aware and it’ll be repainted the correct color (“City Loft” by Sherwin Williams) soon (Rod was on the job AGAIN! lol). Our front porch steps were completed but there’s red brick vs the lighter brick we were anticipating 😬. They are also working on fixing this for us.  We found out there is a different manufacturer for the color pavers we need.  Rod had a meeting with them to address all of our concerns and they are very receptive and amenable to change 😁. They get an A+ in the customer service area.

😲 Someone installed some pavers that don’t quite look right

Tiling started on Friday, 1/5/17, & they were also there today doing more tiling.  Everything is looking like we envisioned!! 😁😁😁

Master bath shower tile with stone accents
A look at the white water marble falls tile in the foyer 👌🏽
Standard bathroom tile, but installed on a diagonal

A few things happening over the next 2 weeks based on our weekly call with Toll Brothers:

  1. Stone has arrived for our fireplace, but will be installed after the tiling is complete.
  2. The walls will be repainted with the correct color.
  3. Underground work to connect the gas and electric lines from the street to the house – this was hindered by freezing weather but the weather should improve next week.
  4. Start final grading to prepare for Toll Landscape.

Once the gas and electric is hooked up, they can put in the hardwood flooring and start correcting all the little things that may have happened along the way.

Again, feel free to provide feedback or ask any questions you may have about the process. Until the next time!!
Rod & Maggie

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