Maggie’s Breakdown


Hi everyone! Our last blog was 3 weeks ago, so a lot has happened since then….including my mental breakdown (lol)! Building a new home is an exciting experience but it can overwhelming at times, especially if you are anything like me; a perfectionist who sucks at making quick decisions, and also has quite a few things going on at the same time (like a full time career, certification renewals, children, and let’s not forget…. preparing to move out of our current home).

I honestly believe that Toll Brothers should pay me for supervising the construction of our Toll home!! I reached my tipping point when my husband noticed a flaw in my closet (shelving too low to hang dresses and coats) and I immediately told him that “I was done” and no longer want to be involved in any more decision making.

Within minutes I apologized to him for my erratic behavior, but I am certain there are other people who understand what it’s like to go into your dream home during construction and find imperfection after imperfection. I have to say that I am truly blessed because my hubby handled the situation by sending emails to our construction and project managers, emails that he did not “cc” me in lol.

Our closing date is set for the end of February and I am wondering how they will fix all the issues that have come up along the way and complete the tasks that they have not gotten to. Some of these include:

  • Centering the recessed lights in the coffered ceiling in the 2 story family room (4 of the 8 lights need to be moved) – I was told by our construction manager that the electricians will likely be fixing things up until the final days prior to closing.
  • Moving the recessed light in the staircase leading down to basement and figuring out what’s going what the sconces in this staircase. On the bright side, I’m really excited for our sconces and Rod has already started shopping for some.
  • Changing locations of the pendant lights in the wet bar – now that the granite has been installed we are able to determine exactly where we want the lights to hang over the bar.
  • Completing the final trim – we are still missing trim in certain areas, i.e. the basement, the kitchen, and the dining room near the Butler’s pantry. All the trades completed an initial “rough in” and will be coming back for a final run – this is the norm I hear. And the final trim usually occurs after the hardwood floors are installed.
  • Painting – our walls were initially painted the incorrect color, it has been fixed (now painted City Loft, thank goodness!!) but coffered ceiling has not been painted and the trim will need to be repainted.
  • Cabinets – during the building process, some cabinets have been scuffed and may need to be replaced, some tiling was also damaged and will need to be replaced…our construction manager seems to have expected this so it lessens my worries.
  • Tiling – the vertical Listello in the connecting bathroom needs to be replaced with the correct color.
  • Placement of speaker in Master Bedroom need to be fixed – mentioned in previous blog.
  • Shelving in my closet will be fixed, however Rod decided to fix it lol.
  • Our sink base for our farmhouse sink was installed and I love it!! Waiting on the rest of our kitchen plumbing to be done.
  • Exterior – our pavers were changed, yipppeeee!! But seems like they ran out so it was not finished.

I’m am sooooo glad we hired a private inspector for the final walk-through! And I can’t say this enough, you definitely have to supervise the building of your new home, even when it feels stressful!!

Rod: Not too much for me to say this week, lol. Seems like Maggie covered it. While she sees the above as huge issues, I just think it’s part of the process. Nothing is perfect and I don’t mind being the one to tell them something is wrong. Toll Brothers has been open and willing to correct the any issues brought up so far. Maggie expects perfection the first time (😂😂), but I know in construction there really is no such thing. I just want my baby to make it to closing with all of her hair and nails. The home is beautiful and all those things she mentioned will be corrected before our closing date.

Below are a few updates to the house since the last time we blogged:

  • Heat in the house
  • Final grading started and concrete poured for outdoor patio
  • Siding and shutters were installed
  • Columns placed in front of house (still waiting for top piece)
  • Shelving done in closets and pantry
  • Granite and most of the faucets installed
  • Stone fireplace installed
  • Bath accessories installed – accessories match faucet finish you chose in design center
    A look at the house from the street with shutters and columns (almost complete)
    Guys at work installing the correct color porch pavers
    Master bathroom sinks with bronze Alteo faucets, White Fantasy Granite 
    Girls bathroom with listello running vertically 
    Master shower tile and accessories almost complete
    Outdoor entertainment area foundation poured
    A good look at the stone fireplace in our 2 story family room, Chocolate Gray Stone 
    Brown fantasy granite on the kitchen island

    We are at about 4 weeks out before closing so looking forward this week to seeing some hardwood flooring, electricians at work, granite finished, etc….Again, feel free to send comments, well wishes, experiences and questions our way….My wife says we are famous because we saw someone out in another neighborhood and they asked if we were the bloggers lol. I told her we are Upper Marlboro famous. It’s a start I guess, right? 🤷🏾‍♂️

Til Next Time,

Rod & Maggie

8 thoughts on “Maggie’s Breakdown

  1. Hey Rod and Maggie!! Awesome house design! I particularly LOVE the master bathroom…
    You guys are almost there, hang in there! Let me know when the housewarming is,
    I’m there!!


  2. Everything is coming along great!! All of the stress will be worth it once you’re in your dream home. It’s going to be GORGEOUS!!


  3. This blog has definitely been helpful as my husband and i start the process of building our Toll Home. Thank you for being so candid…everything looks beautiful…i can’t wait to see the final looks


  4. Loving your updates! Just recently found your blog and it is so helpful as my husband and I are in the process of building our Toll home in NY! Keep the updates coming! Hope to have a home video tour when all is done! Lol Congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

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