Helpful Websites for Designing Your New Construction 

Designing a new construction home is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but it can also be overwhelming and, quite frankly, scary. I’m still nervous because I’m not certain what our finished home will look like. Rod keeps telling me that everything will look great and it’s really hard to mess up designing a home with Toll Brothers. But I mean if you are anything like my hubby and I then you’ve walked through tons of models and new construction and have looked at a few design choices and thought to yourself or even said aloud “what were they thinking?!?” Rod has had to hush me here and there. But it’s not easy to design a home using 1 cabinet door, a small piece of carpet, and an even smaller slab of granite. Unfortunately there’s no virtual designer like on HGTV.  So we did what we knew best… visited as many model homes in and outside of the DMV as possible….even models by different builders.  We created shared photo albums on our phones to keep track of design ideas we liked from other models and new construction, and used the following websites which we highly recommend:

  • Google – We googled various items from the design center by looking up the name or model number on the granite, tile, or carpet samples.
  • Pinterest – We used Pinterest to search options and see what options would look like in a home, for instance “brown fantasy granite”, “beveled subway tile.” Pinterest is basically an online pinboard, where you can create a vision of what you want inside of your home. Create your Pinterest account now and download the app, you’ll definitely love it!! Check out Rod & Maggie’s Pinterest Page
  • Houzz – This website was useful for finding interior design ideas, opinions on styles (modern vs. contemporary, traditional and most importantly for us, farmhouse). There were also some useful blogs.
  • Wayfair – We used this site to search for furniture, home decor and to compare prices. Seems like this is where we may be purchasing a lot of our decor items.
  • Etsy – We used Etsy to look for unique pieces for our home that are built by hand for prices below what the big stores may charge.  We had our bed built and had a custom mirror made that saved us a few thousand dollars.
  • Sherwin Williams – Toll will be painting our home City Loft, so the Sherwin Williams website was useful to see the new paint color in a virtual setting.
  • Progress Lighting – We used Progress Lighting to get ideas on lighting since this is the company Toll Brother uses. We took pictures of lighting we liked in model homes and found prices online. We also compared prices on their website with the design center & with Wayfair (sconces and pendant lights) to determine whether to buy lighting before or after closing.
  • Glen-Gery Brick – We used their virtual design tool in order to see what our house would look like with the brick we chose.  All we had to do was take a good picture of an already built model and submit it to them.  They returned it a few days later and the tool enabled us to change the brick, shutter and door colors.

Its amazing to look back on our journey, as we started this specific blog over 9 months ago.  The above sites truly helped us make more informative choices on design finishes, upgrades, and decor.  They also helped us find out where we could save money!!!

Feel free to share advice and/or any websites that may be useful to us & fellow home owners alike.

Our Pinterest Board
Image from Glen-Gery using virtual tool

Rod & Maggie


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