2 weeks til Closing!!!

Hello everyone! We should be closing on our house in 2 weeks!! I’ve been skeptical (Rod: yes she has lol) but according to our construction and project managers, we are still on target to close by the end of this month.

Here’s a quick run down of what has transpired the last 2 weeks:

  • The portico was installed & our outdoor patio was completed except for the grill station. We’ve had some rainy weather lately, so getting the grout on the stone fireplace has been a challenge.  Hope to get it done this week. Also waiting on getting our green eggs before they cut the granite slab.
  • The railings and balusters were installed last week. Looks beautiful; can’t wait to see them stained!
A look at the double staircase waiting on some stain.
  • Our Misty Gray hardwood floors were installed on Friday and it really makes our home feel more “finished.”
A look at our family room hardwood installation from the back stairs.
  • Remainder of granite was installed in the kitchen, but we’ve had our issues with the “blending” of the brown fantasy granite in the kitchen.  We let our concerns be known to the construction manager and as of today, they will be re-fabricating and installing new granite.
  • The granite in the wet-bar was already replaced since there were cracks in them.  See a theme going on here with the granite company?
  • The shelving in my closet was completed as of yesterday (Rod: Maggie has taken control of this blog….smh). It is now to my liking.
Can you say SPOILED!!!
  • Audiobuys installed speakers, volume control, etc. throughout house. There are still a few more things that may have to be moved around, but the majority of the work is complete until they start installing the touch screens and movie theater equipment after we close.
  • Painters were in – they have been plastering and sanding. And the area near the Butler’s pantry in the dining room has finally been fixed (yayyy!), now all there is to do is put in the trim. Final trimming should be taking place this week.
  • The Listello in the connecting bathroom was also changed out with the correct color.

After our weekly chat with the construction manager we got an idea on how the last week before our initial walkthru would go:

  • Appliances arrived today and should be installed no later than tomorrow.
  • Subway tile/backsplash will be installed a day after the appliances are installed.  Since we have a custom herringbone pattern above the stove, they decided to installed the range prior to installing the backsplash in kitchen.
  • The electricians changed the location of the pendant lights in the wet bar, but they have not been to the house for a few weeks.  The electricians are the holdup on a lot of our small issues that would require fixes to drywall and paint because we still have lighting and electrical outlets to move.
  • We were excited to find out that the mantle for our fireplace will actually be stained wood matching our flooring.
  • Basement bathroom – we decided on a 30″ vanity instead of the 36″ so that it wouldn’t be so cramped in there.  If it does not come in before closing, then the builder will add it to a 30 day punch list for install after closing.
  • The double glass doors were installed for our study but we are still waiting on the glass door leading to basement as well as the double doors for the gym and media room to be installed.
Double glass door leading to the study.
  • Our driveway was supposed to be poured today. Not certain if it was….(Rod: hahaha….I cheated and went to house after work.. it’s POURED!)
A break in the rainy weather allowed time to get our driveway poured.
  • The wrong lights were installed in our basement hallway, mudroom, and laundry room, and should be switched out hopefully this week.

We were told that we will close as long as the house is “100% completed”, meaning everything we ordered is in the house.  There may be a 30 day punch list but we are trying to avoid having much of anything on that list, if anything at all! Unfortunately the vanity in the basement may be part of that list. We have heard from others that lighting is also another common item on the 30 day punch list and we aren’t surprised at all about that.  However, with all the chaos and things going on as we come down to the wire, I must say that our construction team has had our backs on any and all issues we’ve come up against.  Big shout out to Nick and Dan for making this process enjoyable!

~ Maggie & Rod

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