Long time!!

Hello everyone. We would first like to thank everyone for walking with us through this journey of building our dream home. With me being in the Army I’ll give you the bottom line upfront.

We did not buy this home as Toll Brothers refused to renegotiate a price we were comfortable with. We started $75k apart and Toll Brothers came down $15k. We were actually willing to meet halfway and put an additional $32k more. So we were allowed to back out of the contract and Toll Brothers had to return our deposits based on the VA Amendatory Clause.

Long story short, 6 months later that house is still on the market.

So what did we end up doing??

We ended up finding a quick delivery new build with NV Homes in a neighborhood not too far from the previous home. We actually closed in April and did many renovations that we will share in a newly named blog 🙂 We are extremely happy with where we are now even though it did take some time to get over the shock of not moving into the home we took over a year to build. We hope that our blog provided everyone with some insights on building a new home. It didn’t end the way we intended, but things happen for a reason.

Come over and follow us at https://journeytoanewhome.wordpress.com.


Rod and Maggie

One thought on “Long time!!

  1. Wow!!! I happened to just check and see if there was an update! So happy for you and your family! Everything certainly happens for a reason and everything ALWAYS works out! (whether we see it at the time or not) ; ) I will certainly follow your new page!
    Congratulations again! -Margo


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